Imagine stepping outside into your backyard and seeing a beautiful landscape that just happens to have a retaining wall that you don’t even notice is a retaining wall because it is so beautifully designed. With Creative Nature, that’s a reality. Our team is in the business of beautiful landscape design, especially for areas that need a very purposeful and functional design. Retaining walls can be built out of many different materials but our favorites are stone or brick because they are not only extremely durable and strong, but they are also quite pleasing to look at. Retaining walls don’t just have to be straight up either, we can turn them into layered garden beds for an even more eye-catching design.


Brick Retaining Walls

Brick retaining walls can be made from different types of bricks along with many different colors. Brick is a popular choice due to how flexible it is for design and how durable it is. Brick is a timeless choice when it comes to retaining walls as long as it is well maintained. Our team will help you choose the right brick style, color and layout for your brick retaining wall and ensure that it will be a standout feature for years to come. 

Stone Retaining Walls

If the stacked stone look is more appealing to you than brick, we have many options available to you. There are many options available, colors, shapes, varied shapes, and textures. Our team will help you select the stone that matches your aesthetic, budget, and design needs. Stone is another great choice because it can be natural stone or manufactured stone depending on budget and desired appearance. It is durable and can be grouped together so that the strength of the wall is increased.


Retaining walls can serve the sole purpose of just being aesthetically pleasing. Providing a clear definition of special purposes, providing extra seating, keeping an area safe, preventing soil erosion, making land more usable for planting, or making a hilly area flat in stages. No matter your purpose(s) retaining walls are a very versatile and beautiful addition to any landscape. Many retaining walls can be multipurpose and a great tool to accomplish two or three things at once.


Sometimes it is really nice to have a place for the eye to rest and understand the purpose of the space. Retaining walls in general have become aesthetically pleasing and are a great addition to any landscape design. In fact, many landscapes with retaining walls have a higher-end feel, especially when the wall is installed properly by professionals.

Garden Bed

Make use of the retaining walls in your landscape by planting a garden bed in them. Whether you plant flowering plants or even a vegetable garden, retaining walls can be made even more beautiful by adding plantings to them.

Property Boundaries

Want to define the boundaries of your property in a way that is not only functional but aesthetically pleasing? A retaining wall is a great way to do it.

Definition of Spaces

Separate the garden from the patio, the yard from the driveway, or the steps to the property with a retaining wall.

Utilization of Land

If your land is particularly hilly, retaining walls can be a great way to make use of the space that otherwise would be left unused. We can carve out landings between the retaining walls to allow for gardens, a seating area, firepits, and patios.


Retaining walls make a great divider between the patio and the rest of the lawn but they also make for great seating options. By making the wall a bit wider and adding a larger stone top we can create a seating area around a patio, firepit, or even near a garden bed.

Soil Erosion Control

One of the most important functions of retaining walls is soil erosion control. Our walls are built to often keep soil in one place and keep it from moving to other areas of your property or off your property completely. Soil Erosion Control is of the utmost importance to us at Creative Nature and we will ensure that every project that needs to have soil erosion control is up to the latest standards.


Some property lines have areas of the year that drop off almost like a clif and need to have a retaining wall to keep the earth where it is but also prevent catastrophic accidents from occurring if someone stands on the area that could become loose soil at any moment if it’s not held in place by a retaining wall.