Imagine a nice summer day that’s the perfect temperature, the smell of your favorite summertime foods on the grill, a lemonade (or something strong, we won’t judge) in your hand sitting in a comfortable chair on your brand new patio. Sounds pretty good right? Well, what are you waiting for? It’s time to bring this dream to life. Our team got our start with patios. Beautiful outdoor spaces that are ready to host a BBQ, throw a bonfire with smores or just relax for a few minutes with your morning cup of coffee.

We offer several types of patios along with a number of features that can enhance your space’s beauty and function.


Slate Stone

Stone patios come in a wide variety of options and costs. Bricks are cut out of stones and then layed for your patio. Almost any stone that holds up the elements is an option but the cost varies drastically depending on the price of the stone. Stones are often textured so they are safer to walk on when wet than some of the other patio options.

Patio Pavers

The design options are almost endless for patio pavers and they allow you to get the appearance of stone, brick, andeven wood, often for a fraction of the price. Our design team will help you select the style that fits your design preferences.


There’s no patio option quite as visually magnificent as a flagstone patio. The elegance of flagstones brings a high-end look to your patio and they aren’t going anywhere due to their immense weight. There are a couple of functional drawbacks to this beautiful choice though. The first is its ability to retain heat, you won’t want to run barefoot on this on a bright sunny day. You will also need to use extra care when walking on it while it’s wet as it is more slippery than the rest of the material choices.

Clay Brick

Nostalgic and timeless, a brick patio can transport you to a simpler time and provide a much needed escape from the chaos of daily life. Clay bricks are made to last so whether you choose new bricks or reclaimed bricks, your patio will not only look impressive but it will be built to last for decades to come. With a multitude of colors to choose from, you are sure to find a brick color and pattern that will fit your aesthetic. There are many shapes that can be created with bricks and we will help you identify the shapes that will work best with your landscape.


Concrete patios are an often less expensive option and they are durable for decades to come, They can also be stamped with a variety of patterns and colored to add visual appeal. Shapes are also endless as the concrete patio is poured right in your backway and not prefabricated. There will however be cut lines in a concrete patio allowing the concrete to expand and contract throughout the seasons. Concrete patios do allow for a textured surface making them safer to walk on when wet but they do get pretty hot in the summer, just like your driveway. The required maintenance is simply sealing the patio every few years.


All of the patio options are also available for walkways and stairways. Stairways are also available in wood and composite materials if they are a part of a deck or going from a house down to the patio. We have a variety of different styles of walkways and stairways and they will blend perfectly with the rest of your landscape design.