Whether you need a privacy fence for your pool, been dreaming of a white picket fence around your home, need a steel fence to keep your dog in the yard or are looking for more security around your property, we have you covered. We offer a wide variety of fencing options depending on your style wants and functional needs and our team will help you pick the right material for your wants, needs and budget. 


Wood Fences

We offer green-treated wood, cedarwood and teak wood options for wood fences. Wood fences are typically 6 ft tall but we can make them as short as 4 ft and as tall as 8 ft. Wood fences need to be stained regularly to keep their color as well as keep them protected from rot. We can also install multiple gates and complex locking systems for security. 

Wood fences can be built as privacy fences or semi-private fences depending on the purpose of the fence. We also offer the standard wood privacy fence as well as an ornate privacy fence. Wooden fences can also be installed with the panels running vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. There are price differences due to the time and material increases with the horizontal and diagonal directions.

Steel Fences

Chain-link steel fences are available in both traditional galvanized steel and in black powder coat options. We are fans of the black powder coat as it has a more elevated look and the price difference isn’t very wide between them. We offer gates that match the terrain we are installing on as well if you would prefer not to level the ground where they are installed. 

Steel fences with a grated look are a more secure option as well as a more visually appealing look but like chain link fences they don’t offer visual privacy. They are more durable than chain link fences as well. 

Both chain link fences and steel fences are maintenance-free and can be constructed 4 to 8 feet tall.

Wrought Iron Fences

Wrought iron fences are the best for security and they are low maintenance, rust control and sometimes be an issue that arises. Overall, they are very sturdy and very attractive. The vertical slats are a bit too wide for small dogs and they don’t offer visual privacy. Wrought iron fences are by far one of the most costly fences that we can install but they are the most formal looking which is called for in some of the formal landscape designs we do.

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fences are fantastic choices for privacy and security and they are very low maintenance aside from regular washing to prevent discoloration. They are also not susceptible to rot or insect damage like wood fences. Vinyl fences are available in a multitude of colors with a variety of styles and finials (decorative post tops). Vinyl fences are typically more costly than wood fences but they are very pleasing to the eye.