Landscape lighting is not only a great way to highlight your landscape at night, it is a good way to provide light for visitors and provide security for your property.


Spot Lighting and uplighting is perfect for showing off architectural features of your house and property along with large trees on the property. It can be a white light or colored and can change based on the season if you would like with controls.


Pathway lighting is important for guiding residents and visitors through the various pathways on your property. These pathways might include a long driveway leading up to your house, the sidewalk leading up to your front door, the pathway to the backyard leading to the firepit or pool or the pathway throughout your garden. Not only will the lights highlight your landscape, they will keep you safe as you walk around your property after the sun goes down. We typically use low-voltage LED lighting so you don’t have to worry about replacing bulbs frequently or using a lot of electricity to keep them on. Solar-powered lights are also available as a more cost-effective option. These lights are often decorative and part of the design as well as putting off much needed light. There are almost endless options for your lighting design and our design team will help you select the best option for your pathways.


Show off your well-cultivated plants all night long with garden bed lighting. The lights are not only great for seeing your beautiful flowers, but also for seeing if they are being bothered by certain creatures at night. We can install lights that are motion-activated as well to scare off the pests trying to eat your hydrangeas.


We use a lot of landscape lighting as security lighting so that it blends in with the property. Well lit areas are important up the driveway, on pathways and in any dark area around your property that you frequent often at night such as a shed. We can install lights that are on timers as well as lights that are motion activated so they turn on only when they detect motion which can scare off all sorts of predators.


Many of our lightening displays require an electrician to complete the installation of an outdoor outlet or to help run conduit through your property in a safe manner. Our team can recommend an electrician to assist with this or work with your electrician to go over your plans so they can ensure that the installation is safe and meets your electrical needs.