Are you tired of a swampy backyard or even a front yard? We can fix it. Your lawn doesn’t have to be a mud pit for three days after it rains, it can dry out faster and return to serving its purpose as a practice field for your kids and a return to a mowable surface since we all know what follows a good rain, growing grass.


French drains are a drainage solution that is very versatile because it deals with all kinds of drainage problems with one system. A french drain can collect water from the entire area over the pipe and not just in one area. It uses a perforated pipe that is covered in a filter sock to keep out sand and dirt and then surrounded with aggregate.


Underground drainage pipes direct water from the lowest spot of the yard ( the most soggy) and direct it to the street. In order to put in an underground drainage pipe we will trench the yard at a downward slope that the water flows down to the exit point. The pipe is solid and easy to snake if it gets clogged. The inlet grate and the drain emitter sit flush with the ground so they don’t affect mowing.


Regrading is a way that you can fix the drainage problem in your yard by directing the water to specific low points in the yard in order to get it to drain properly. Regrading is expensive but it is a great option for taking care of widespread water issues once and for all without worrying about putting additional systems into your yard.


Sometimes it is as simple as redirecting the water coming off the roof to a different place in the yard to be soared into the earth, or a spout that distributes the water over a larger area. We can survey your yard and determine where the downspouts need to go in order to direct the water away from your house as well as away from the low areas of your yard.


Creek beds are a unique way to direct water away from a low spot or help drain a low spot into a rain garden. They look great even when dry and they often help keep the water right where it should be. 

The rain garden will take the water from the creek bed and provide water to water-loving plants. This area will be soggy, but it will be soggy with a purpose. A rain garden can actually reduce runoff.