Have you been dreaming of coming home from work or a day of golf on a hot summer day and diving into your inground pool? Let’s make it a reality. Our team offers inground pools of all shapes and sizes, all customized to your particular desires for your pool. Want an automatic retractable pool cover with safety benefits, we’ve got it, Want lights that will keep you going all night long? We’ve got them. Want a sun deck in your pool? Let’s do it. Want a diving board? Done! Want a funky shape or a pristine rectangle? We’ll make it happen. Let’s make your dream pool a reality!


Vinyl Liner

A vinyl liner is the surface of the entire pool. It comes in many different colors and is made of chlorinated PVC thermoplastic vinyl. It is made to be hung in the pool at the top of the pool wall along the “bead track” and is then vacuumed to the walls and floor to keep it in place. Once this is done the pool is filled with water and the liner is good to go for the next 5-7 years. 

Why Choose Vinyl? 

  • When you want to customize the interior contents of the pool to your heart’s content. With a vinyl liner you can choose the color that fits your aesthetic best, you can add custom stairs, sundecks, corner benches and a custom floor. 
  • When your budget is a little tighter, vinyl is about 25-35% less than fiberglass initially. Replacement liners start around $4500 depending on the size of the pool but that’s 5-7 years down the line. 
  • You don’t mind a few wrinkles over time. The vinyl layer is separate from the pool walls so wrinkles are inevitable.


Fiberglass pools are notoriously the easiest type of pool to clean. They also aren’t too picky about chemical imbalances and are long-lasting. Fiberglass pools are ready-made inserts that come in a variety of designs and colors. They are finished with a gel coat and a concrete cantilever coping which can be smooth or textured. 

Why Choose Fiberglass?

  • Fiberglass pools are coated with a gel that is forgiving when it comes to chemicals. 
  • The finishes are non-porous which means that algae won’t be able to attach itself to the finished coat. 
  • Chemical balances stress you out and you want the pool to essentially manage itself
  • You don’t want the hassle of maintenance down the road
  • You want to spend more time swimming than balancing chemicals or cleaning the pool



Limited design options, not customizable

Cleaning is easy and fiberglass lasts for a very long time when well cared for and used properly

Low maintenance costs and the lifetime cost can be lower than vinyl when you factor in the replacement cost for vinyl

The shell is non-porous and doesn’t absorb chemicals which minimizes the expense of added pool chemicals

Very forgiving when it comes to a chemical imbalance

More expensive upfront

Ages very well overtime

Shipped on a truck and trailer at an additional cost


Tons of customization available

The liner can be more difficult to clean and needs replaced every 5-7 years

Lifetime costs can be higher than fiberglass with the replacement factored in

The liner is non-porous and doesn’t absorb chemicals which minimizes the expense of added pool chemicals

Begins to wrinkle if too much chlorine is added

Less expensive upfront

Need to be relined every 5-7 years

Created on property


The sky really is the limit (well almost, we can’t build you a slide that reaches the stratosphere unfortunately).

Retractable Pool Covers

We have a wide variety of pool covers available. Depending on your wants and needs for a pool cover we will help you select the best pool cover for your pool. 

Features can include:

  • Automatic Retraction 
  • Safety components for keeping children and non-swimmers safe if they get too close to the pool
  • Solar Warming

Pool Lighting

Plain old white or RGB, we’ve got lights that will keep the pool party going well into the night or allow you to start your morning swim before the sun comes up.

Sun Decks*

Lounge on your sun deck and catch some rays before jumping in to cool off.

Diving Boards

Practice your dives with a diving board that is spring loaded and ready to help your show off cannonball!  Note: The pool must have a depth of at least 9 feet and there are additional requirements for how large the 9ft+ depth area must be.

Water Slides

What’s more fun than a water slide into your pool? Maybe it’s not your thing, but your kids or grandkids will be all about it! Note: Minimum depths and pool lengths may be required depending on the slide.

Custom Steps*

If you have a large family or lots of kids, custom steps might be an important part of your pool. A lower-depth area for your family to congregate and your small family members to enjoy splashing around in the sun!

In-Pool Ledges / Seating Corners*

The pool ledges and corners can provide nice seating options that allow you to enjoy being in the pool without having to float around or dangle your legs into the pool off the ledge.

Basketball Hoops / Volleyball Nets

Add even more fun memories to your pool with custom places around the pool to set up a volleyball net or a basketball hoop. Who said the only exercise you could get in a pool was by swimming?